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Marietta Business Litigation Attorneys


Litigation includes any complaint, dispute, lawsuit or legal contest that has to be decided through the judicial process in a court. Litigation encompasses any legal argument that prior to being brought before a judge and/or jury in a court of law, could not be settled by the parties involved, through the process of alternate dispute resolutions, which could include an agreement or arbitration.


It is not all grievances or legal disputes that require that settlement has to be determined through litigation. Actually, only a small amount of legal complaints require this method of resolution. Litigation is an important option in dispensing justice and resolving disputes, when all other avenues have been exhausted.


Aggressive Business Litigation


At Webb & D'Orazio, we have developed a reputation as experienced litigation lawyers in one of the leading law firms in Cobb County GA.


Marietta GA litigation attorneys are well-trained in making their client's arguments as clear and forthcoming as possible. When they present the case for their client before a presiding judge or a discerning jury, they do so favorably.


Any of the following litigation issues can be handled efficiently by the skilled and experienced litigation lawyers at Webb & D'Orazio:


  • Civil Complaints
  • Breach of Contract
  • International Commercial Disputes
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Complex Litigation


Business Law Defense Attorneys


Defending a client from criminal charges or in any civil action aggressively and in the best way possible, is the main priority of a Cobb County GA litigation attorney. Civil disputes between individuals, business entities and any type of organization, association or any combination of these aforementioned parties can be effectively settled by means of litigation. The case of a client will be presented by an effective Cobb County GA civil litigation attorney, using the most empathic light to allow the court and jury to be able to identify with the client's particular situation.


The best representation possible will be made available, in the defense of their client's case by Webb & D'Orazio. Our litigation lawyers are dedicated to the provision of the most professional representation for the client, so that there will be no stone left unturned or any lost opportunity in the defense of their case. A group of leading attorneys can be found at Webb & D'Orazio, who will devote their time to the total resolution of the litigation issues of their client, despite the specifics of the case.


Every area of our lives is affected by the laws that have been adopted by our society, and the litigation lawyers at Webb & D'Orazio are committed to ensuring that the laws work in the best interest of their clients.






Webb & D'Orazio Law Firm


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